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June 13, 2017 ~ Lin Ewing
Pluto, The Moon's Nodes and Why You Are Here

The Placement Of Pluto In Your Birth Chart As An Indicator Of the Purpose Of This Incarnation
The house location of Pluto in the birth/natal chart is an indicator of the soul's purpose in entering into this particular incarnation. The soul has chosen the lessons of that house to investigate, confront and to work with in this incarnation.
Although Pluto shows us the "why" or the "purpose of this life", the way in which the issues, challenges, etc. of this incarnation are being worked on or played out is through the polarity of the North and South Nodes of the Moon and the houses that the nodal path occupies.
We will investigate the positions of Pluto and the Nodes in order to understand the purpose of the incarnation, the challenges to be met and the potential of the soul's growth. All of this will give us a better understanding of the Karmic indicators and the Karma of the individual soul reflected in the natal chart.

Lin Ewing is an astrologer and Akashic Record reader located in Chicago, Illinois.
In addition to doing Akashic Record and astrological readings, Lin offers astrology classes for total beginners as well as workshops for those more advanced and for professional astrologers who wish to expand their understanding and knowledge of specific topics within astrology.
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